Toasted rice pudding

Bread, marshmallows, nuts… surely everything  tastes better toasted? Toasted rice in particular smells amazing, reminding me of New Year and eating toasted mochi, drizzled in soy sauce and wrapped in nori.

Just taking plain rice and heating it in a dry pan  for a few minutes turns it a nutty brown and produces a beautiful smell, it’s what goes into genmaicha (toasted rice tea) and I found a few recipes that use it ground up in savoury thai dishes.

Toasted, raw, and ground japanese rice

But somehow it also puts me in mind of sweet things, so I took a rice pudding recipe and toasted the rice before use. It alters the texture slightly, the rice is more brittle and less soft, perhaps it just needs longer cooking, but the toasted rice aroma is delicious. (Also the tea soaked sultanas kind of make it like a sweet genmaicha desert). There are clearly many other great uses for toasted rice and I would be glad to hear of any!

P.S. No picture of the above, I still haven’t seen a way of making rice pudding look attractive. In the mean time watch these guys pound rice for mochi, scary!


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