Hot Cross French Bacon Cheese Toastie

How’s that for an epic sounding breakfast? Not like it hasn’t been done before, just a quick holiday themed post of an awesome way to consume all those hot cross buns. (For more festive treats, also see Creme egg doughnuts.)

Hot Cross French Bacon Cheese Toastie 1

Use hot cross buns to make french toast. Use the hot cross bun french toast to make a cheese and bacon toastie.

(Also, apparently April is grilled cheese sandwich month.)

Hot Cross French Bacon Cheese Toastie
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cook time: 
Total time: 

Serves: 1

Hot Cross French Bacon Cheese Toastie 2
  • Hot cross bun
  • Egg
  • Bacon
  • Cheese

  1. Halve the hot cross bun and soak in the beaten egg
  2. Fry the bacon, remove from the pan and add some butter
  3. Fry both halves of the egg soaked hot cross bun, with the insides facing down, until golden brown
  4. Turn the heat down and flip the base over, put the bacon and slices of cheese on top, then place on the hot cross bun top with the cooked side facing down
  5. Cook the hot cross bun toastie on both sides, flipping occasionally until both sides are browned and the cheese starts to melt


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